About Us

About Us


BailBy.com is our well developed tool focused around the bail bond industry. Our goal is to create the easiest niche specific way of putting your most prized information permanatly into your customers pocket, before they even become a customer. Bail Bond companies, Bounty Hunters, Notary Publics and similar all have one of the hardest niches to compete in, any state that allows bail bonds, has a saturation of competetion in all these areas. 

This is where the BailBy service steps in. 

Hows it works:


Do you currently own or work at a bail bonds company? Bailby is "Bail Bonds By You"! We are a niche specific 'all in one' bail bonds digital business card provider.


The bail bonds industry is a very heavily saturated niche, and as a business owner you know it's all about getting your name out there as much as possible, in hopes your customer remembers to call you when they need your service. You probably put up signs around town, and put your name on the county jailboards, and then there is your digital presence. 


You got your website built and the top teir SEO done, you got your blogs going to help achieve that fresh content, you signed up and are active on all the hot social medias sites, and of course you got your google business page and google maps all setup, you probably even got reviews on yelp, google, facebook and other testimonial sites, and at the end of the day your goal is putting your digital thumbprint all over the internet in order to attract customers when they are in need of your service. Now you have a easy way to bring them all together and put it all right into your customers pocket. Enter Bailby...


Bailby is only similar to other popular 'all in one' link vCard services in regards to having tons of fantastic options you can use to create the best looking professional digital business cards to compliment your company. So where do we excel? Glad you asked. Bailby was specifically designed for bail bond companies and their bail agents. We shed the bulk of un-needed options and keep the service simple by only adding the features you need. We are not a directory listing websites so there is zero competition, the bCards you make lead only to the information that you put on them. Linking your website from a bCard helps build relevant keywords and backlinks to your bail bonds site, the other popular services were not designed to do this.


Using our free plan, you can make one bCard for your company with just the right amount of options to get an amazing digital business card for your customers.


This service was made for the entire bail industry and we reserve the right to remove any bCards not fitting that criteria. Periodically we will verify bCard information posted to our site for accuracy. We allow custom URLs for better SEO, for example our demo bail bonds bCard is bailby.com/demo, this allows you to have bailby.com/yourname-bail-bonds, to keep things legit and right you may only use company names you legally own or are provably known as. 


With the right paid plan you can connect your own custom domain to your bCards. So, instead of 'bailby.com/youname-bail-bonds' it would be 'yoururlname.com'. You can even use subdomains with your custom domain too! You provide the domain url and we will help you set it up.